Romantic Flowers for Gifting your Girlfriend


Roses are the perfect flowers that go hand-in-hand as they are the best way to express love to your beloved on this special occasion. But isn’t it a little monotonous to give roses every time you meet? If yes, red roses can dull your game this year. To keep your love fresh & beautiful, you can present flowers you can give flowers to your girlfriend in various different ways. In this article, we have listed some flowers that will express your undying love & emotions. Also, they will express the pure sentiments that you have for her. From tulips to daffodils, every online flower delivery expresses a different emotion. So, you must choose the perfect flower(s) to express your love.

Best Romantic Flowers for Girlfriend

Ditch the typical red roses this time and consider these 8 romantic flowers as a love token for your beloved girlfriend.


You can never go wrong with tulips on any special day of your girlfriend. These gorgeous Tulips hint at fantasy and also, they are known to be stimulants. Moreover, it’s the best pick for a sensitive person as these flowers will completely rhyme with your emotional girl. So, go ahead with this beautiful bunch of stunning tulips and impress your partner with your great taste.

  • Meaning: It’s a brightly colored flower, shaped like a cup that grows in the spring.
  • Special Occasion: Tulips are flowers associated with the relationship anniversary. Well, if you have completed at least a year together, then tulips are the best choice you can make.


Bright red and/or pink Geranium can make a great alternative to roses and it will bring a wide smile to your girl’s face. Also, it symbolizes a fresh start to your relationship. These vibrant & beautiful flowers will say everything about love. Impress your girl with these bright-colored flowers and make her Valentine’s Day different from the others.

  • Meaning: Geranium is a small shrub of a genus or an herbaceous plant that counts the cranesbills & their relatives. Geraniums bear a narrow & long fruit with a shape like a crane’s bill.
  • Special Occasion: Giving bright red or pink geranium is a great idea if your girlfriend’s birthday is coming. We assure you that this flower will bring a wide smile to her face.


Lily flowers are a bold & dramatic choice that sets a perfect background for you to express your feelings. Creating an atmosphere of love & romance, these flowers symbolize love, wealth, & prosperity which are the things one would wish for the love of their life. You can choose from Tiger Lilies and/or Asiatic Lilies online flowers that come in myriad colors such as red, pink, & orange.

  • Meaning: Lilies are a type of plant that has large white or colored flowers in the shape of a bell.
  • Special Occasion: It’s a popular choice when it comes to lily varieties, Asiatic lilies come in an assortment of colors. For occasions such as birthday, or flower day (in Valentine’s Week), it’s a perfect flower that you can give to your girlfriend.


Orchids are highly delicate & exotic flowers if we compare them to other flowers. While the blooms can fade, the plant has a resting period. Then, they can bloom again with proper care & attention.

  • Meaning: Since the 1800s, they are also known to represent luxury. There are several varieties & colors to choose from, almost every color of the rainbow, which symbolizes luck, hope, & love.
  • Special Occasion: The orchid flowers are the best if you want to give your girlfriend something for a birthday or on Valentine’s Day.

Pastel Carnation 

The Pastel Carnation is a beautiful gift for the more introverted & subdued person.

  • Meaning: Pink Carnations represent admiration whereas White Carnations represent pure love.
  • Special Occasion: Carnation is the flower for January, so they are very appropriate for a birthday gift.

Gerbera Daisies

There are many types of daisies, and Gerbera Daisies are among the most popular choice. They come in a wide array of bright colors that can suit nearly any occasion.

  • Meaning: Daisies commonly represent cheerfulness & innocence.
  • Special Occasion: Choose a daisies bouquet for a new relationship and/or to develop your friendship into something else.


Find a way into your girlfriend’s heart with this exotic Iris flower on flowers day (Valentine’s Week). It’s a spectacular gift for your loved one on Flower Day. Iris flower symbolizes faith & hope that you have in your partner for all those years of togetherness. Iris flowers are also called the Greek Goddess of love and thus, they represent sophistication & elegance with their uniqueness. Surprise your girlfriend with this beauty that will surely take away her heart.

  • Meaning: Iris is a flat, & colored flower with a ring-shaped membrane behind the cornea of it’s eye. It has an adjustable circular opening, also known as a pupil in the center.
  • Special Occasion: Its symbolism is sacred, representing faith, wisdom, & promise. It’s the February birth flower and the anniversary flower.


The most refined & beautiful way to say ‘I Love You’ is to represent these soft & delicate yellow spring flowers. It’s a great & the sweetest way of expressing your love & affection. These online order flowers come in various shapes & colors which seem as lively & cheerful as your girl. You may choose from a wide array of colors such as white, yellow, & pink to make your V-Day memorable.

  • Meaning: Daffodils are a bulbous European plant that typically bears bright yellow flowers with a long trumpet-shaped center (corona).
  • Special Occasion: The day for you to present daffodil flowers to your girlfriend is the day when you are going to propose to her for marriage. Trust us, she’ll say a big Yes after seeing these beautiful flowers.

To Wrap Up

There are a lot of different flowers that you can give to your girlfriend. But you need to know which flower you are giving to her and you can decide this on the basis of the occasion. So, if you think that any of the above-mentioned flowers suites your requirement, purchase them now through online sites.

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