Popular rummy tricks explained in details


In a country like India one of the popular card games is the 13-card rummy game. It is game that you go on to play with a single or double decks which depends upon the number of players. For playing rummy game a minimum of two players are needed. Coming to the 13-card rummy game it is a draw and a discard game, where the players have to arrange the cards in a proper sequence.

More about the sequence in a 13-set card game of rummy


When it is a 13-card rummy game, a set is hand relating to cards of the same type. They tend to 3 or more in number. An example is 10 of spades, 10 of clubs, 10 of hearts and 10 diamonds go on to make a single set.


In a 13-card rummy game it happens to be 3 or same cards of the same rank.

Tips to play in a 13-card rummy game

  • Try to make a couple of sequences- in this game you should try to make a couple of sequences. By following this trick, it ensures that you have low number of points even if you go on to lose the hand. In the first attempt if you have a pure hand, with a joker you can build the second sequence.
  • Be aware about the joker- it is not always that the printed joker turns out to be the designated trump card as the players can go on to choose another card. In this game of cards, a joker is really important when it comes to the formation of a second sequence.
  • Discard the cards that have the highest number of points- this is another strategy that you need to follow in the online game of rummy. In this game a tip that you need to keep in mind is to discard the cards that have the highest points. Coloured cards and aces are known to have the highest points. It is better if you are able to discard them as it will reduce the number of points. When you are discarding cards of high value make sure that it does not work in favour of your opponent.

The variations of a 13-card game

The game of rummy is popular in the casinos or the online websites. When it is a rummy tournament there are a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players at the other end. The winner of the tournament gets an opportunity to keep the chips of losing out on players.

Pool rummy is another version of the online rummy. In a lot of ways it turns out to be just like a 13 card game of rummy. Here players have an entry fee for a table and they are awarded points. Every table does have its own point limit. The first person to reach the point limit tends to lose. Finally the person who has zero points turns out to be the winner.

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