Electric Motor Design Courses – Job Prospects

Electric Motor Design Courses - Job Prospects

These days, you may find an electric actuator in almost any modern convenience, from automobiles to kitchen appliances to smartphones. In order to design and manufacture products in the present period, one must have a firm grasp on the inner workings of electric machines, as well as the means of modern control and the interplay between electric devices and electronic drives.

It is not that tough for a designer to grasp when various control and machine design assumptions hold and how they break down as performance limits are reached when they use computer-based tools to predict machine characteristics and performance. Some tasks are impossible without the cooperation of motors (electromechanics) and drives (power electronics).

Power electronics course online can help you skyrocket your career. Analyzing and designing electric drives, including motors, generators, and power electronics, is the main focus of this course. It focuses on developing machines for electric purposes, including traction drives, drive motors for automated manufacturing (robots), material handling and drive motors for automotive, airplane, and marine propulsion systems, and associated power electronic drives. 

Lab tasks will be completed on computers using Octave, an open-source scientific analysis application that is compatible with MATLAB, giving participants a wealth of practical experience. Our lab exercises also involve constructing hardware for controlling a machine using an Infineon “Programmable System on Chip” (PSoC) 5LP. The PSoC 5LP is a member of the PSoC processor family, which is capable of doing sophisticated calculations, has upgradeable hardware, and communicates with devices in the Internet of Things.

In addition, the geometry of the slots in an induction machine, the number of poles, and the optimization of the magnets will all be examined as part of the exercises. Optimization options, such as tailoring the motor design to performance needs, will be discussed, as will the use of computer simulation tools to discuss control strategies for various machines.

A list of 10 power electronics courses online:

  • Power Electronics
  • Modeling and Control of Power Electronics
  • Power Electronics Graduate Certificate
  • Introduction to Power Electronics
  • Converter Circuits
  • Magnetics for Power Electronic Converters
  • Power Electronics and Motors for Electric Vehicles Certificate
  • Current-Mode Control
  • Photovoltaic Systems 
  • Converter Control 

This course will teach you the fundamentals of electric motors and how to use MATLAB to create your own. ANSYS Maxwell, a solution for electromagnetic fields in electromechanical devices and machines, will also be covered in this course on electric motor design.

For whatever sort of motion, an electric motor can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Pumps, machine drills, and other similar devices were the earliest to incorporate motors. As more people produce and drive hybrid and electric vehicles, their market share grows in the corporate world. This tutorial’s primary focus is on the operation of electric motors and how they generate power.


You’ll learn how to utilize MATLAB and ANSYS Maxwell in drilling machines, pumps, and more over the course of three months. A car’s battery and engine are the foundation of your education. This certification course’s primary focus is imparting a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of designing electric motors. It would be good if you explored the various types and their applications (AC, DC, Permanent Magnet, and Reluctance) motors further.

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